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E24 Eileen Joy No One Cares About You More Than You

I really enjoyed listening to Eileen. She has a lot of smart ideas not only for pregnancy but for everyday life. I like that she said we all need each other. Life is so much better with help. How true! Carly has had some great guests on her podcast.

My Journey with postpartum anxiety..unplanned C section

I thought Carly was very brave and honest when talking about her postpartum anxiety and mental health issues. Her thoughts were very insightful and helpful. I really learned a lot from this episode.

12 days of Christmas

I thought the ideas that Carly gave were very insightful and helpful. I really enjoy listening to Carly. She has a very soothing voice and is very knowledgeable about all her topics.


I was a guest on this podcast, and I had a wonderful experience. Carly is attentive and has thought provoking questions for her guests. Labor Lessons is a useful tool for parents new or old by providing an in depth look into the delivery room from many different perspectives.