Labor Lessons

Labor Lessons

Many women find that their first-time birth experience wasn't exactly what they wanted or hoped for. If you'd like more knowledge about how to better prepare for labor and delivery, or want to know that you're not alone on your birthing journey, this podcast is for you. Every episode shares a real-life lesson learned from a real-life labor and delivery experience. Every episode offers the chance to connect with other women, to increase your knowledge of the birthing world, and to advocate for a better birth next time.

Recent Episodes

Precipitous Labor

E27 Kimberly Tara: Prepare for the Unexpected and Have Multiple Plans- precipitous labor, induced labor, birthing during COVID

March 8, 2023

At 36 weeks pregnant with her first child, Kimberly was concerned that her baby wasn't moving enough. Her doctor sent her for monitoring and even though she wasn't dilated, they decided to induce her. That night, she ended u…

C-Section Episiotomy

E26 Jen Salk: It's Okay To Ask For Help- forceps delivery, third degree episiotomy, traumatic vaginal birth followed by positive c-section

Feb. 22, 2023

Jen is very much a type A personality. She loves to plan way in advance of events taking place. Even with all of her planning, she still wasn't prepared for how her first birth went. Her daughter was stuck and delivered by f…

Guest: Jen Salk
Pregnancy Loss Ectopic Pregnancy

E25 Adrianne Babbitt: Be Your Own Advocate- induced labor, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy rainbow baby

Feb. 8, 2023

Adrianne Babbitt is a Christian author, blogger, proofreader, and mentor. She recently relauched her debut book, "The Miscarriage Project" and her launched her new children's book series, "Princess With A Purpose". In additi…


E24 Eileen Joy: No One Cares About You More Than You- changing providers multiple times, homebirth with midwife, empowering birth

Feb. 1, 2023

Eileen Joy is the Money Coach for Moms. She's also the woman who FIRED four doctors to have the birth she dreamed about! When she got pregnant with her son, Eileen totally changed her life around. She ate very clean and got …

Guest: Eileen Joy

E23 My Journey With Postpartum Anxiety: Unplanned C-Section, Postpartum Anxiety

Jan. 25, 2023

In this episode, I share some of my struggle with postpartum anxiety. During my unplanned c-section, I was left feeling out of control, with no one explaining to me what was happening. I felt like a bystander, watching birth…

Postpartum Anxiety Postpartum Hemorrhage Retained Placenta

E22 Liz: Postpartum Anxiety Is Very Common- Know The Signs- postpartum hemorrhage, retained placenta, postpartum anxiety

Jan. 18, 2023

Liz from the Golden Hour podcast joins me in this episode to share her story! Liz has always been a planner, and spent a lot of time preparing for birth. She found a birth center attached to a hospital, and loved the welcom…

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