Feb. 8, 2023

E25 Adrianne Babbitt: Be Your Own Advocate- induced labor, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy rainbow baby

E25 Adrianne Babbitt: Be Your Own Advocate- induced labor, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy rainbow baby

Adrianne Babbitt is a Christian author, blogger, proofreader, and mentor. She recently relauched her debut book, "The Miscarriage Project" and her launched her new children's book series, "Princess With A Purpose". In addition, she also runs her own Christian lifestyle blog, The Haven.

Adrianne's first labor did not go as she expected. Her water broke two days before labor started and she ended up with an infection in the hospital. The nurses had trouble inserting her IV and her son had swallowed meconium. She was young at the time, but felt that she wasn't treated well because the hospital staff thought she was a teen mom.

During her second pregnancy, Adrianne found out that she had a low lying placenta. At 32 weeks pregnant, her daughter kicked part of the placenta out. Adrianne feared for her daughter's safety, but carried her to full term and had a fairly easy delivery with her.

Her third pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, and Adrianne was deeply affected by it. She carried fear, anxiety and depression with her after that. A week after her miscarriage, she got pregnant again. She found out that it was an ectopic pregnancy and was devastated at the thought of losing another baby. She prayed to God to save her baby and at her follow-up ultrasound, they found the baby in her uterus.

She had a lot of anxiety throughout that pregnancy. Adrianne later found out that she had a hematoma in the placenta and was considered high risk. Her rainbow baby was safely delivered without incidence.

Adrianne was also induced for her fifth pregnancy, and despite it being her fifth time, she found that one to be the most traumatic. Her epidural failed and she had migraines for a month afterwards. At her 6-week postpartum checkup, Adrianne fell apart, and her doctor prescribed her medication for her depression.

Adrianne's sixth pregnancy was a redeeming one, and her only unmedicated birth. Listen in as Adrianne's describes shares how different each delivery was, and how she had to advocate for herself.

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The Miscarriage Project 


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